Guide to Instant Web Hosting Solutions

Instant web hosting is one of three main priorities that website owners need to consider upon building their website, alongside content and web domain. However, many fail to look beyond the specifics of what makes an efficient professional web hosting provider that can provide for your business needs. Hence, you need to read further below to find out how to provide the best web hosting solutions that can increase your return of investment.

When looking for an instant web hosting service that is cost-efficient and reliable, you must begin by listing down your main goals for building the site. If it is a personal website, you can settle for cheap shared hosting. But if you are building a professional website, then you want a secure and reliable web host, so you must invest more time to research through your options. If you are building a website for business and if you are planning to expand your website, then having a reliable host that offers the best features should be your option.

In addition to considering the type of website you want to build, you must also analyze other features you might need. For instance, if you wish to generate a heavy amount of web traffic into your site, then it is best to go for hosting packages that offer you extra bandwidth. This will ensure you can accommodate all the traffic coming into your site without it slowing down at some point. But if you are still in the process of experimentation, you can avail of free web page hosting to determine exactly what you need.

Once you know what you want and need, the next vital step is finding the best company to offer you instant web hosting. Although you can use the leading search engines to find the best web hosting companies, it does not guarantee that the results provided are 100% safe and legitimate. You must therefore conduct your own background research on prospects, while also gathering customer feedback. You should always compare web hosting companies to weigh in the advantages or disadvantages of choosing one over the other. You need give special focus on the legitimacy of a particular web host, especially since you are giving out private and confidential information to them. Also, make sure that the provider you will choose offers 24/7 customer service. Remember, trouble comes at anytime of the day and you don’t want to lose your customers to other websites because of any trouble accessing your website.

In your search for instant web hosting solution, you must also determine whether you should go for a shared or dedicated server hosting. Your choice will have its consequent impact on the amount of control you have over your server space, security of your data, accessible features, and the cost.

Beginners should not be intimated by the task of choosing the best web host for your site. Provided that you know what to look for and with enough research, you can enjoy instant web hosting solutions at a price that you can afford

Key Items to Look For in a Free Web Hosting Provider

Anyone with a website will need a web hosting server as it provides you with relevant data storage services and holds your information on the world-wide web. Without a web hosting provider, you will not be able to get to your website information on the global websites. Thus, it is crucial to select for the right type of web hosting provider to support your business effectively.

There are 2 major types of web hosting providers, namely paid VS free web hosting where both has their own advantages and potential target market niches. Free web hosting is not suitable for all web users; therefore, before you go ahead and lock down your web hosting provider, let’s go through some of the key items to look for when it comes to free web hosting company.

o Reliability:

Investigate how often does the free web hosting server experience unexpected downtime? And how long does it used to take to fix the downtime issues? If the downtime frequency is high, and the time taken to settle these issues are longer than expected, then try to stay away from such web host as low reliability keep both existing and new potential customers away.

o Forced advertisement and banners:

Many free web hosting provider place their own ads and banners on their subscribers’ websites for publication and promotion. This is part of the “favor” which you need to provide in return of the free web services offered by the free web host. If you are annoyed to have these ads and banners all over your websites, you need to make sure you search for a free web host which does not force these ads and banners, otherwise please go for a paid web host instead.

o File transfer protocol FTP access:

Today FTP access has become a necessity as it helps to facilitate the transfer of files between 2 protocols effectively and swiftly. One should pass up the free web hosting plan if this feature has not being included into the service.

o Amount of bandwidth and file sizes:

Most free web host impose restrictions on the size of files to be uploaded into their servers and the amount of bandwidth per day. This is especially critical if your website requires frequent download of huge files or videos or pictures or if you are expanding to expand your business to widen your customer base. Therefore these are the key areas where you would really need to check out in advance. Under a free web hosting plan, if one has reached the maximum allowance of visitors in any day, that particular website will be disabled the next day to compensate for the over-utilization of the bandwidth the day before. This will badly jeopardize your business as this might turn down your potential visitors.

o Quality of technical support and customer service:

Getting the appropriate level of technical support from the free web host is a pre-requisite for your website. Imagine this, what should you do if your website is experiencing downtime and no one is here to assist you. It is the worst scenario which you would imagine yourself to be in, right? To avoid this kind of situation, you need to investigate by checking out un-bias testimonials and reviews shared by their ex-customers and existing customers. Don’t get blind-folded by their advertisement highlighting their great customer service and types of features offered as these are part of their marketing strategy only.

Know About Web Hosting Business to Business

Web hosting companies are one of the reasons for the rapid development of the internet and information technology. These companies are now offering (not to mention, competing in the market with) a lot of services. These would include personal web hosting, business to business web hosting, and corporate web hosting.

Among all types of web hosting, this is the most popular and in demand at the market. This is probably the most ideal web hosting service especially if you are still starting small in the business. It is probably the most appropriate answer for your needs because aside from having business partners who will take part in the starting capital, their talents and skills in web hosting service can also further help in the rapid development of the business.

The hosting sites, meanwhile, are created in such a way that it can help small businesses get in touch with their suppliers and business partners. This normally requires its partner to log-in into a web application for easy access or exchange of information. Along with this also, these web sites can also include inventory data, supplier record, shipping records, or any other information/data that needs to be shared.

It should be noted, however, that before entering into an agreement you choose web partners who will not do harm to you and into your business. Web partners should be responsible, professional and can be relied on, both during the ups and downs in the business. Just like any other partnerships, the success of the business depends so much on the way you choose partners.

Choose credible hosting packages that can deliver your unique hosting needs. Clients who are still starting their business and want to have it on web sites are very particular with the affordability of their hosts as well as its speed of internet connectivity.

Normally, you would only need minimal disk space if you’re still starting. On the other hand, those who are gearing up to have their web sites as venue for huge income generation activities usually require larger space, higher bandwidth and sophisticated features.

In a nutshell, this does not only make partnerships and collaboration possible, it also paves the way for convenience and ease. Just be sure that when you start your the business, you are fully equipped with the essential elements. You have to be sure in selecting through myriads of packages for web hosting.

Since you have to be sure of your data and information’s security, you would also need certain capabilities like SSL and XML. In short, the required web hosting package must support user authentication and secured access.

Professional Creative Web Design

There are so many website development softwares and online services available these days that many may feel that hiring a professional web design service is not essential. A lot of people take help of off-the-shelf softwares in order to develop their website in-house, only to discover later that creating a profitable and successful website requires special skills and time. There are numerous advantages of hiring a professional website designer, especially if your motive is building your business with help of your website.

Key Benefits Of Hiring A Professional

The following are the main advantages of hiring a professional web designer for your website.

Greater Flexibility

It is important to hire a creative web designer so that he can rightfully analyze your business and make appropriate suggestions to you. After discussing his plans, a professional website developer will be able to implement those ideas making use of industry’s standards technologies.

Technical Expertise

Even the best website development software package cannot compare with the technical know-how and experience that a professional website designer has. To create a technically sound web presence, tremendous quality and expert guidance is needed which even the most feature-packed and robust software for web development cannot provide. Professional website developers use their know-how in order to stay abreast of technology making sure that your website remains accessible across a broad range of platforms.

Time Savings

Building a website requires a lot of detail-oriented work. Professionals use their knowledge and time so that your expectations could be turned into reality in shortest period of time possible. Only a professional website developer can focus on what’s most important for your business.

Integrated Marketing

There so many business websites being launched every day but only few of them are able to do successful business. Only a skilled professional developer can integrate proven marketing techniques into website development procedure. Doing this will guarantee that your website will receive targeted traffic and also generate needed leads and sales.

Improved Aesthetics

Only an experienced professional website designer will be able to analyze your promotional material correctly. Integration of promotional materials into a coherent design will increase your web presence. The custom market presence that you can achieve by doing this will be much more that you could have obtained by using templates or any other online service.

Added Exposure

With help of a professional website designer, you will be able to submit your website to CSS galleries that are present around the web. This is a great way of showcasing your website to audiences and draw traffic to your website. This procedure helps in attracting potential clients.

Creating a Better First Impression

The first impression that a website makes does count and a professional web design can surely leave a better impression. It determines whether or not a visitor to your site will navigate some other site.

Highlight your expertise

With help of professional web design, you can easily showcase your area of expertise and all those things that you do the best.

Web Design Ideas For The Business

We now live in a web-based world, which has its pros and cons. The positive is that we are now more easily connected with the world than ever before. The negative is that unless a website offers something unique, it can easily be over-looked. To ensure any site maximizes exposure, some basic web design ideas will help keep individual sites in front of the masses.

It’s important to try out different options to see which rises to the top. Ensuring one has a couple of design options available, even if it appears the first one is perfect, will prevent the likelihood that others will generate a similar design which would reduce traffic. Additionally, by practicing one can often come up with new ideas that can be merged with existing concepts.

Trends have a tendency to come and go very quickly especially when it comes to web design. The style and look selected for the individual website should speak not only to the product and services offered, but should also reflect the vision presented to the public. For instance, if one is contemporary or has a punk vibe, a clean look should be reflected in the website design for the first company, but this would be totally inappropriate for those targeting a younger generation. This can be achieved by accessing libraries which contain styles that can be drawn on to achieve the perfect look.

For many, when designing their site they have a tendency to be reluctant to move things around, change colors, or rotate objects. Often the most creative minds work best when they’re turned loose. Reducing the desire to “be in control” all the time often serves designers well in that, eventually, they learn that whatever was done can be undone. Additionally, by accessing the deepest recesses of the mind, creativity is born.

It’s important to remember that the eye is drawn to visuals first so including photos and designs that draw the viewer “in” increases traffic. For instance, the simple logo on a corporate site may not say “welcome” to those visiting. Utilizing visuals to keep viewers in the site until the eye reads the most important information, however, is easier than one might think. Even dotted lines and horizontal separators invite those visiting to stay and look around.

Any design must be clean. That means every pixel needs to be reviewed to ensure sharp images appropriately spaced text, content without errors, and the like. This is called “polishing the web design”. Text should be spaced and of a size to be easily readable even for those who are viewing it with tired eyes and pages must be structured with unstructured elements thrown in to enhance interest. The web is the key to success in today’s business world and to access it incorporating web design ideas that best reflect individual needs will ensure one’s site is accessed again and again.

Web Design Tips to Increase Your Site Traffic

If you want to increase the traffic to your website, you need to emphasize on the web design. Your website should be designed to make visitors stay on your website and constantly check it rather than drive these visitors away.

As much as possible, the web design should be simple. A site that has less clutter will be more user-friendly than a site that contains a lot of useless items. It doesn’t mean that you are going to have a plain designed site, but you can actually have a beautiful and attractive website in a simple web design layout, which will be created by a professional designer.

In order to increase your site traffic, everything in your site should be working. Fix error pages and links because having an error page could mean that your website isn’t updated regularly.

It is not recommended to be fancy on your business website and adding music as the page loads. Having background music would make the site less professional and it can even annoy the visitors. This goes the same for pop-ups. It is not recommended to put a pop-up page on your business website because it can annoy visitors and can even be blocked by a pop-up blocker. Your visitors will most likely close the webpage as soon as a pop-up window would appear because they would think that it is spam. Having pop-up windows can also ruin your company’s reputation online, especially if it is already associated with spam.

It is very important to keep your website browser friendly. Test your website to the different browsers to make sure that everything is perfectly working. This is because people from different parts of the world are utilizing various browsers. Therefore, it is very important to check your website using different browsers to determine whether it works or not.

Using flash to design a website is good but it is only suitable for websites that are for personal use and not for business. This is because flash may take time to load and might bore visitors and close the window rather than explore your website.

Web Development

In the world of Internet today, where everything is sold online now, web presence has become very important for any business now. Therefore, every business has to prepare a website and host it on the web. But, for many of the small-scale entrepreneurs, it is not possible to have their own servers, due to financial problems. That is why, they are compelled to purchase bandwidth and disk storage space from web hosting companies to show their website online.

In detail, if we talk about the meaning of the word web hosting, it is like a provision of online arrangements or a data center for storing images, video, information and any other critical data that can be shown via the web to users including individuals and organizations.

Web hosting services are now offered on a large scale and any Webmaster can easily purchase them as a component of an Internet access service. There are many kinds of web hosting services that one can avail of, but the right choice depends on some critical factors like the need of the Webmaster to have complete control over the site and the data protection required. Also, more factors like the requirement of the operating system, scripting software and the database software come into picture for choosing the right kind of service provider.

The two most common web-hosting services are dedicated and shared server. The latter implies a sharing of the server with many other websites and obviously security concerns are a major issue with this kind of a system. Dedicated server, on the contrary, means a single server for your site but that does not indicate that the Webmaster owns the server, but it still facilitates easier control. Every webmaster who wants to get the site online wants to avail the facilitates of a web hosting service provider, but important factors like the uptime of the provider has to be taken into consideration before making the choice. Uptime basically, means the time for which a server is running, if this time is low, then most of the times the important users will not be able to open your site.  It is one of the most critical decisions of a business and hence, it becomes quite important for any business to scrutinize and compare the uptimes of different providers before opting for one.

Web development essentially is the earlier step before the web hosting comes into picture. It refers to all those activities that are included in the preparation of a site that will be then shown on the intranet. It is a very complicated process including many technical aspects like content development, server configuration, client and server coding and the most important of all, web design.  Web development is indeed a very strategic procedure from the point of view of any company that aims to have a sound online presence. With use of key techniques like search engine optimization and graphical designing of the site, this process needs the talents of prodigal SEO’s, web developers, proofreaders and copywriters.

Contribution of Programming and Testing

Contribution of programming:

Web Development Services include development of basic websites to highly complex and structured websites. Earlier local personal computer revolutionized the market and started offering application to cater all user needs but their mission and vision lacked the flexibility. Hence loop was filled after World Wide Web invented. We entered into a new era with great aspirations and crazy vision.

Different programming languages have been developed as well as scripting language were developed keeping in mind the necessity for web based application. At first languages was code.Calculating Bernoulli numbers is considered as the first computer programming. Earlier around twentieth century numerical calculation were based on decimal numbers. Around 1950 modern programming languages were developed such as FORTAN, COBOL, and LIST; similarly ALGOL has been developed for algorithms. The use of programming language C has been developed in Bells lab which became the revolutionary language and hence gave the birth to the numbers of object oriented programming languages such as C++, Java, C#,.net etc which are now widely used to develop web based application.

The tremendous popularity of programming language created a new type of community called hackers, they are the programmer who tries to break the existing programmed system. Nowadays special measures are taken to avoid such fraud attacks such as vishing, pishing, spam etc. Especially web based applications are vulnerable to such attacks as they are accessible to n-numbers of users across the globe. Web development service providers are mainly concerned with the following:

1. Usability
2. Functionality
3. Security and
4. Performance

Usability of websites refers to the ease with which the user navigates through the application. Functionality guarantees the development of application abiding the details on the requirement document. Security is concerned with developing the sites less vulnerable to the hackers or the computer bots programs and finally performance measures the response time, load time and the cause of the effect of the bottlenecks problems.

Nowadays, craze of online shopping is gaining rapid popularity among the youths worldwide. E-commerce application is gaining popularity day after day. Thousands of online e-commerce application for hotel booking, online shopping, online bidding etc is being hosted in abundance. The rate of these types of application is growing. Hence web based e-Commerce Services solution provider are catering the needs of the organization who wants to make global appearance. Refinement in web development services are promoting the e commerce market in very positive way

Web Application Testing:

Testing is the process of diagnosing the built application to check whether application developed are according to the specification or not and the application being developed are going according to the standards, the terms usually comes under verification and validation. Its possible to check and find the loop holes if testing is done on the web based application. There are number of automation testing tool available in the market to cater the needs of testers.

Different complex applications such as online banking, online reservation and online booking needs a through and rigorous testing as this application are on the limelight on every search engine. Application functionality, its performance and security are the main scope for its testing. Web Development Services providers allocate this task to Quality team whose responsibility is to detect the fault and get is fixed done from the development teams. Neglecting the above mentioned features not only application suffers in the live environment but the web development service provider equally has to suffer the loss. Hence testing is being considered as overall quality check from the very initial stages of software development life cycle till it goes live and in some case even beyond it.

Web Designer

There are as many “For Business” amateur web designers as there are professional ones. This article will help you weed them out in no time. First and foremost a professional web designer provides the following services to their client:

  • Completely builds the site with organized content in a contemporary design layout that’s user friendly.
  • Implements up-to-date Search Engine Optimization techniques.
  • Provides full site maintenance for client.
  • Updates the site on a regular basis.
  • Redesigns the site every 8 to 12 months with new content and layout.
  • Provides hosting services or finds a reliable hosting company for client.
  • Continually researches client’s type of business for online compatibility with offline business practices.
  • Keeps client abreast of innovative online business solutions that best fits their type of business for continued success online.

What an amateur web designer offers their client:

  • Often designs a site similar to other sites in the same business category, prefers to place important content all over the page in an unorganized layout that’s not user-friendly or may provide clients with online web building tools to do it themselves.
  • Implements out-dated Search Engine Optimization techniques.
  • Provides little maintenance or trains client on how to update content themselves. Often referred to as the “CUT AND PASTE TUTORIAL” service.
  • Does not provide their regular clients any redesign services . . . they seem to have no conception as to why a site once built, needs new content and layout for “repeat visitor” convenience.
  • Mostly provides hosting and or web design services that includes paid training services in advertising and promotion of web site.

There is also a distinct difference in how a professional web designer advertises their business as compared to an amateur. A professional designer …

  • Always lists services available stating that they are a partnership-with-client orientated business.
  • Does not use scare tactics in their ads such as: “Did you know that there are limited options available for getting your business online!” or “Some other web designer may take your site down for no reason” or “Your web designer may be hurting your online success!”
  • Has a company name that does not rely on metaphors from outside the web design business such as “Your Website Doctor” or “Your Website Co-Pilot” to try to gain your confidence.
  • Does not need to offer discounts on services or provide special offers.

One sure thing about a professional web designer is that they get the right type of client that needs and wants their services. Amateurs will take anyone. To be perfectly blunt … professional web designers have no competition. There’s not even the slightest competition with online companies that offer web building tools or web site generators. Why? One look at at a site built by a non-skilled individual using such tools will convince you.

How I Learnt Everything for Free With One Word

Most people are intimidated by the idea of learning something new such as web-design or programming, like everything, people take one look at the complexity of what is involved and are generally immediately deterred.

I started learning web-design 10-11 years ago when I was thirteen when “MySpace” of all things had me interested in how HTML works, since I played with many custom pages like I’m sure a lot of other people have. My approach was different, I was young; I didn’t have money for a proper education in web design/graphic design and the such. This is when I found the true power of Google and the word “tutorial”. I remember the very first webpage I ever made was a Pokemon Gameboy Cheats Page on some ad congested free host from way back. I even modified the site counter to a high number so I could show my parents and feel cool haha, that was just a whole lot of copy paste, absolute rubbish when I look back on it now.

I began to look at numerous HTML tutorials covering things such as: Basic Markup, Forms, Tables. They were the three things I knew for quite some time, I knew something, it worked, so why improve? I could have slapped myself when I discovered the power of DIVs and CSS, I made templates in Photoshop sliced them up and even used the HTML file that it would output that was just one giant table with way more pictures than anyone with the appropriate experience would require, I later discovered that tables are practically obsolete and that “I should’ve been embarrassed for using them” as said by an unnamed person in IRC, which he was right. Only ever use tables for data display.

After I had a good grasp of HTML & CSS as well as graphic and template design in Photoshop I began wanting to learn more, looking at all these curious extensions on page names in the url such as.php and?p=products etc, the curiousity of what these were and/or did was overwhelming, I immediately dove into PHP Tutorials the first PHP code I ever created was a website hit counter that wrote to a text file and after playing around with the file functions I was then turned on to MySQL Databases, which was none-the-less exceptional at the time and still is to-date. I had ALOT of trial and error, referring back and forth between the online manual, tutorial and such, most of my problems were bad encapsulation some of which took me hours to figure out that all it was, was missing a simple semi-colon (;) at the end of a variable or a function. A couple years later of learning PHP+MySQL I am now practically capable of creating nearly anything web related.

Along the road I learnt simple Javascript which again was from tutorials, I’m still a bit rough here an there and mainly stick to the jQuery plugin for most of what I need.

Anyway, I was probably about 16 or 17 when I started feeling quite knowledgable in the web development field, I looked absolutely everywhere to try and get a job in the industry but to no avail, I would’ve sent in hundreds of resumes, cover letters and made hundreds of phone calls but no one would give me an opportunity to prove that I could actually get the work done, all they cared about was the shiny certificate saying I could do what I said I could do, In which being self-taught all these years I had no certificate as I never attended college/TAFE or Uni, after half a dozen years of being in and out of employment with labouring jobs, I was finally approached by QLD Trade Corporation to begin work on the websites of their many small business branches, in which I then landed the job “Design Manager of Urban Printing Pty Ltd” in July 2012.

As you can see, even though my road was long, tedious, a bit bumpy and a struggle, “Where there is will, There is a way”, Don’t give up and don’t ever deter from something because it looks difficult, because its not. Don’t look at things as a “whole” look closer, look at things individually and you see that complex things tend to appear more simple.